Master checklist - After-conference strategies

The curtains may have closed on your event, but the journey towards enhancing your next conference begins now. Reflecting on the outcomes, gathering insights, and engaging with your attendees post-event are crucial steps to solidify the success and foster continuous improvement. Our meticulously crafted checklist guides you through the essential post-conference actions to ensure your event leaves a lasting impact and sets a solid foundation for the future.

Why this checklist

Without a structured approach to post-event activities, valuable feedback and data can slip through the cracks, leading to missed opportunities for growth and improvement. Key issues that might arise include:

Lack of actionable feedback: Without specific survey questions, the feedback gathered may be too vague or irrelevant to be actionable, preventing you from making informed improvements for future events.

Inefficient follow-up: Failing to track after-event communications can result in lost connections with attendees, speakers, and sponsors, weakening your event's community and potential partnerships.

Missed opportunities for improvement: Without a structured feedback loop, identifying and implementing changes based on attendee and stakeholder feedback becomes challenging, possibly stalling the evolution of your event.

Recognizing these potential pitfalls underscores the importance of our meticulously crafted checklist. It's designed to guide you through the post-event phase seamlessly, ensuring that every opportunity for feedback and improvement is captured and acted upon.

What's inside

Sample survey questions

After-event follow-up tracker

5-step feedback loop

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