Finding speakers for your webinar series

Successful Speaker Outreach for Webinar Series with Zuddl

Discover the right voices for your webinar series with this guide on finding and securing speakers. The success of your webinar series heavily depends on the quality and relevance of your speakers.

Why this checklist

Neglecting a structured approach to finding and securing speakers can lead to several issues:

Limited reach: Without a clear strategy, you might miss out on securing influential speakers, limiting the potential reach and impact of your webinar series.

Inconsistent communication: A lack of a standardized speaker outreach template can result in inconsistent communication, potentially deterring high-quality speakers from participating.

Poor speaker fit: Without a thorough speaker evaluation checklist, you risk selecting speakers who may not align with your audience's interests or the webinar's objectives, affecting attendee satisfaction and engagement.

What's inside

5 key steps for reaching out to speakers

Speaker outreach template

Speaker evaluation checklist

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