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Drive inclusivity with multilingual events

December 1, 2022

Join us to master the art of choosing your event format

B2b marketers event- Spotlight

In a time where events have managed to dissolve boundaries, the case for a more diverse and inclusive approach to communication has become more prominent than ever before.

If B2B marketers want to truly enter new markets and expand their business reach, they’ll need to tap into the benefits of running multilingual events.

In this webinar, we explore how technology plays a big role in enabling B2B marketers to craft impactful multilingual events that not only help create leads but also drive value for attendees.

Key Takeaways


Importance of multilingual events for marketers
How to stay connected with larger target groups in a remote world
The best technology available to offer multilingual support in events
What should be the communication strategy for your next event!


Oddmund Braaten
CEO, Interprefy
An experienced strategy and business development leader, he has held multiple leadership roles in the Hi-tech and Telecom industries and has been leading Interprefy’s transition from startup to a global RSI leader since 2015. Oddmund lives in Zurich and can often be found cycling across the Swiss alps.
Richard Schiller
Senior Product Manager, Interprefy
He started his career in audio engineering at the BBC. After the unique pressures of live broadcasting, he moved to product management. Richard has since worked in web search, banking, retail, automation, business operations and many other markets holding various roles in product management, product marketing and strategy. Richard lives in the British countryside where he walks his two dogs.
Bharath Varma
CEO and Co-Founder, Zuddl
Bharath founded Phoenix Live, a premier event management agency in 2015 which has hosted more than 300 conferences for multinational companies like Microsoft, Google, and Deloitte. Bharath grew Phoenix Live to a team of over 60 people with offices in 4 different cities.