Top 5 Ways to Boost Engagement in a Virtual Event

December 16, 2021

Session 1: 12 PM IST | 5.30 PM AEDT
Session 2: 9 AM PST

Despite the spike in demand for virtual events over the last year, the format still remains unfamiliar to much of the industry. Figuring out how to engage a remote audience is incredibly challenging and requires a different set of tactics and skills than what most planners who are accustomed to live events may have been cultivating.

Consumers today have different behaviours, needs and expectations, so an engagement strategy that worked at a physical event would not be the best idea for a virtual event.

Key Takeaways

Join our session to learn more about the proven methodologies to boost your virtual event engagement and headback with learnings on the following:

Why engagement is important for an event?
10 Minutes
Why engagement is an issue for virtual events?
5 Minutes
What can organizers do to improve engagement?
10 minutes
How enterprises use Zuddl for best in class engagement?
10 minutes
Q&A Session
10 minutes


Bharath Varma
CEO and Co-Founder, Zuddl

Bharath founded Phoenix Live, a premier event management agency in 2015 which has hosted more than 300 conferences for multinational companies like Microsoft, Google, and Deloitte. Bharath grew Phoenix Live to a team of over 60 people with offices in 4 different cities.

Vedha Sayyaparaju
Co-Founder & CTO, Zuddl

A coder since the age of 6, Vedha has been a part of the earliest teams at Facebook, Blend, Pinterest and has now ventured out to transform virtual events with Zuddl.

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