Boosting ROI for virtual events: marketing strategies to succeed

30 Mins

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InVision's Ray McCarthy Bergeron, Digital Experience Director of Invision, shares insights from case studies and also discusses how you can achieve higher returns from your virtual and hybrid events such as virtual event sponsorships, and creating flexible discovery and engagement attendees journeys.

Challenges for marketers:

Calculating and measuring the ROI of virtual and hybrid events
Ensuring the best attendee and speaker experience session after session
Determining the best practices to keep an event engaging

From this video, you’ll learn:

How virtual and hybrid events have helped companies such as Salesforce and DC achieve incredible results
Statistics on the ROI of digital engagement 
Budget modeling for virtual and hybrid events (and how much more affordable they are in comparison to in-person events)

Hear from the speaker(s)

Ray McCarthy Bergeron
Digital Experience Director at Invision Communications