The simple guide to building community for a hybrid workforce

30 Mins

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With the hybrid workspace model here to stay,  it is critical to keep all employees, whether they're working from home or the office, engaged, motivated, and supported. Carter Gibson, Program Lead of Internal Community Management at Google, shares how -  just like Google - you can strengthen your culture and keep your internal community connected.

Challenges for HR personnel:

Creating a more connected and engaged workforce in the age of remote and hybrid working
Adding that human touch to a digital-touchpoint-first environment
Building inclusive and supportive virtual spaces for employees

From this video, you’ll take away:

Insight into how Google manages and supports their online employee community spaces 
Practical advice for building a company culture that strengthens and unites the workforce that is dispersed across different locations such as implementing internal advocacy, inclusivity features and company-wide online community guidelines
Tips on creating thoughtful spaces and tools to support your remote workforce

Hear from the speaker(s)

Carter Gibson
Program Lead of Internal Community Management - Google