Virtual event marketing: 5 ways to drive maximum engagement

40 Mins

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Despite the spike in demand for virtual events over the last year, the format still remains unfamiliar to much of the industry. Figuring out how to engage a remote audience is incredibly challenging and requires a different set of tactics and skills than what most planners who are accustomed to live events may have been cultivating.

Consumers today have different behaviours, needs and expectations, so an engagement strategy that worked at a physical event would not be the best idea for a virtual event.

Challenges for virtual event organizers:

How to keep a remote audience interested and invested during a virtual event
Turning attendees from passive viewers into active participants

From this webinar, you will learn:

Why engagement is integral to the success of your virtual event
Barriers to high engagement that you never saw coming
Practical advice on how organizers can improve engagement at the next event, from gamification to smart networking

Hear from the speaker(s)

Bharath Varma
CEO and Co-Founder, Zuddl
Vedha Sayyaparaju
Co-Founder & CTO, Zuddl