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From interactive booths to real-time analytics, host stunning value-driven virtual tradeshows that elevate the customer experience and boost sales.

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Build a <h2-purple>high-energy<h2-purple> virtual trade show venue

Create a completely branded, professional and immersive event space that captivates attendees. Impress from the get-go. Make the virtual trade show platform truly your own.

Widgets to build a custom event space

Immersive welcome experience to wow from the get go

Include branding directly on stage with stage layouts and backgrounds

<h2-purple>Drive better outcomes<h2-purple> with branded expo booths

Create expo booths that do more than just look good. Elevate the attendee experience by enabling booth commerce, video first engagement, run polls, Q&A and make your virtual booths a lead magnet.

Easy build-it-yourself experience for exhibitors that puts them in control

Custom booths without custom code with drag and drop widgets

Engage booth visitors with live sessions, chat, poll, Q&A

Chat one on one or set-up meetings using breakout rooms

Qualify and route <h2-purple>more leads<h2-purple> for sales

Help your exhibitors realize higher ROI by elevating results at every stage of the customer journey.

Identify the hottest of hot leads post-event

Track attendee engagement with leaderboards and widget interactions

Get real-time event metrics like attendee views and booth visits

Reduce time to act on leads by integrating your event data with your existing CRM

Divided by geography, <h2-purple>united by Zuddl<h2-purple>

Don’t delegate virtual participants to backseat consumers of content. Allow virtual speakers and attendees to contribute and even the playing field with in person attendees. Enable people to build connections no matter where they are.

No lag streaming for your hybrid events

Pull virtual speakers and attendees onto your stage

Allow virtual and in person attendees to connect with each other via networking and rooms

Build virtual meets experiences that look life-like

   Your virtual events are in safe hands,
and so is your data

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Dependable white glove customer service ensures your virtual event runs flawlessly.

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We are ISO 27001 certified, GDPR & SOC 2 TYPE 2 compliant.

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We are ISO 27001 certified, GDPR & SOC 2 TYPE 2 compliant.
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