Diversity and Inclusion

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Promote diversity and inclusion at your workplace via virtual and hybrid events that make everyone feel welcome, supported, and valued.

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Open the door to <h2-purple>better diversity<h2-purple>

Expand your hiring boundaries by going beyond geographies, experiences and individual biases to build a world class team

Showcase organizational culture and values with team and experiences specific virtual expo booths

Two way match with interested and qualified candidates with Zuddl’s Smart Networking

Organize workshops in branded workspaces using breakout rooms for 2 to over 100 people

Empower candidates to express themselves better by using two way conversations using “Hand Raise’, ‘Go-to-Stage”, Polls, Q&A and other features

Make everyone <h2-purple>feel valued<h2-purple> at company gatherings

Host virtual and hybrid company events where everyone feels welcomed, seen, and heard.

Create a shared sense of belonging by custom branding the virtual venue

Build rapport between all colleagues via AI-powered Quick Networking

Celebrate achievements by all employees on Stage

Empower the smallest voice to be heard through Chat, Polls and Q&A tools

Activate in-platform live-captioning to make content accessible to all

Build a culture of <h2-purple>empathy and support<h2-purple>

Nurture a supportive culture and empower all professionals to be their best authentic selves throughout the year.

Host ‘Human libraries’, virtual roundtables, and other educational activities using zones

Encourage allyship through intra-company networking sessions

Drive improvement by using Polls to solicit employee feedback

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