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No other platform makes it as simple to set up and run an event for 10,000+ exhibitors, attendees and investors as we do.
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There’s No Physical Venue Space Constraints to Hold You Back Here

We give you the ability to create interactive visual experiences that keep your attendees connected and engaged with your brand and products at higher rates than at physical events.

Completely Customizable

No two virtual booths are the same. Organizers can give exhibitors complete freedom and control to customize and differentiate their booth to showcase their brand and content.

Completely Customizable || Expos

Tiered Booth Sizes

Organisers can allocate booths to exhibitors, choosing from 3 booth sizes and configurability (including customizable CTAs) for greater visibility, messaging and branding.

Tiered Booth Sizes || Expos

Unlimited Number of Concurrent Virtual Booths

Set up as many booths for vendors and sponsors as you wish to make your event a high ROI one.

Unlimited Number of Concurrent Virtual Booths || Expos

Virtual Engagement at an Unprecedented Level

Our virtual engagement tools give exhibitors more opportunities to interact with attendees, and transforms attendees from spectators to active participants.

Shareable Marketing Material

By sharing downloadable digital content with attendees - including documents, audio, videos, web-page links, social media links, surveys, business cards - exhibitors can drive lead generation.

Shareable Marketing Material || Expos

Video Showcase

Vendors can play pre-recorded video demos to attract and engage booth visitors.

Video Showcase || Expos

1:1 Conversations Via Live Chat

Vendors are notified when attendees enter booths. Video chat makes it easy for attendees to talk with booth staff face-to-face and ask questions.

1:1 Conversations Via Live Chat || Expos

Better, Smarter Networking

Virtual networking makes it easier for attendees to interact, book meetings, and chat with exhibitors, sponsors and each other.

AI-Powered Matchmaking

Automatic networking lets your attendees book 1:1 video-chat meetings with top matches, and build their network.

AI-Powered Matchmaking || Expos

Connect Function for Easy Follow-Ups

When networking meetings go well, exhibitors and attendees can use our tool to easily exchange contact details to schedule follow-ups later for more in-depth discussions.

Connect Function for Easy Follow-Ups || Expos

Breakout Rooms

Keep conversations lively and engaging by enabling attendees to connect with speakers and each other in Rooms based on discussion topics of interest.

Breakout Rooms || Expos

Pre-Book Meetings with Personal Schedules

Attendees can request 1:1 meetings with attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers they want to meet.

Pre-Book Meetings with Personal Schedules || Expos

Accurately Analyze and Improve Event ROI

Easily capture data you just can’t get at physical events, and leverage analytics to deliver value and ROI for exhibitors, sponsors and you.

Live User Analytics

Vendors can track and measure attendee traffic, engagement, buyer intent and marketing successes in real time.

Live User Analytics || Expos

Export Smart Data to Nurture Leads Post-Event

The more data you have, the harder it is to keep track of it, but we make it easy by enabling you to export core data, such as chat transcripts, poll data, all video recordings (MP4s) of stage, attendee list with ticket types, leads who registered interest in booths, and more.

Export Smart Data to Nurture Leads Post-Event || Expos

Easy to use. Easier to work with.

We know the details, processes and communications critical to run a successful virtual event. So we’re here to support you throughout, right from setting up the event to when the last participant leaves, so that you can sleep peacefully at night.

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We'll be by your side throughout the event, whether it's onboarding support from our event experts, a knowledge base to guide you and priority support to help you throughout.