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We’re here to make your job stress-free. With our end-to-end platform, effortlessly set up and manage your event, and keep your attendees engaged and happy.
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Product Manager & Lead, Microsoft GLEAM
“Real time engagement and a seamless experience at a virtual event is something that bothers the digital first world. Zuddl fit in right here. The networking and the backstage experience were fantastic."
Harsha Ravikumar
Harsha Ravikumar
Product Manager & Lead, Microsoft GLEAM

There’s no event chaos here

Virtual company meetings have hundreds of fast-paced moving parts. We give you a centralized place to stay on schedule, and monitor and manage logistics for 10,000+ attendees.

Quick Setup

100+ templates and plug-and-play widgets to set up your event exactly as you wish means there’s no learning curve. You can create your event in just 20 minutes.

Quick Setup || Company Meets

100% Self-Serve Virtual Event Platform

Zuddl is fully self-serve, enabling you to have full control of all stages of your event, and all areas in your digital venue.

100% Self-Serve Virtual Event Platform || Company Meets

Live Attendee Analytics

Get real-time data on key interactions and micro-moments of attendee experiences throughout your event.

Live attendee analytics || Company Meets

Gain Valuable Insights with Post-Event Analytics

Easily capture data you just can’t get at physical events to better deliver value and ROI for your company.

Gain Valuable Insights with Post-Event Analytics || Company Meets

Easy access for attendees — no software or plugin downloads required

Your attendees can join the event without lengthy sign-in processes or technical complications.

User-Friendly Magic Links

Integrates hassle-free with any external registrations system, and makes life easier for your attendees to join the event.

User-Friendly Magic Links || Company Meets

Your Attendee Data is Secure

• GDPR compliant

• ISO and SOC2 Compliant

• Encrypted Data, Audio & Video (Data Processing Agreement available)

• SSO*

• Uptime SLA of 99.9+%

Your Attendee Data is Secure || Company Meets

Increase social interaction and unite your community

A successful company meeting is all about the relationships you create. Our interactivity tools level up your meeting engagement, and create togetherness.

Two-Way Conversations

Encourage attendees to talk to speakers on stage and each other with tools like polls, competitions, and more. Attendees can even connect with speakers in Rooms based on discussion topics of interest.

Two-Way Conversations || Company Meets

Interactive Q&A

It’s easy for voices to get drowned out in a physical crowd. But in your virtual company meet, every company employee can join in the conversation, and feel included.

Interactive Q&A || Company Meets

Create Polls with Live Results

Everyone loves getting asked their opinion. Live polling is an easy and fun way to get attendees to join a discussion and feel included and engaged.

Create Polls with Live Results || Company Meets

AI-Powered Inter-Company Connections

Our automatic networking lets your attendees match with others in the company, learn more about colleagues they would not otherwise have met, and build their network.

AI-Powered Inter-Company Connections || Company Meets

Easy to use. Easier to work with.

We know the details, processes and communications critical to run a successful virtual event. So we’re here to support you throughout, right from setting up the event to when the last participant leaves, so that you can sleep peacefully at night.

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We'll be by your side throughout the event, whether it's onboarding support from our event experts, a knowledge base to guide you and priority support to help you throughout.