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Welcome to the new age of recruitment

From easy scheduling to 1:1 virtual private interview rooms, we make it easy for career fair organizers to host your most successful Career Fair with the least amount of stress.
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Don’t worry about event setup or management

Our user-intuitive platform makes it very simple to create your virtual Career Fair in just 20 minutes, and manage every detail of your event. No tech skills required.

A Fully Self-Serve Virtual Event Platform

Zuddl is 100% self-serve. Using user-friendly widgets, you have complete control over the look or functionality of any part of the venue at all times.

A Fully Self-Serve Virtual Event Platform || Career Fairs

Team Onboarding with an Event Expert

We’ll teach you everything you need to know about using the platform - all the features, all the tools, and all the use cases.

Team Onboarding with an Event Expert || Career Fairs

Dedicated Account Manager

No event is the same. Your account manager will know every detail of your event, respond directly to your every need, and provide you with a previously unknown peace-of-mind.

Dedicated Account Manager || Career Fairs

Career connections: easy, agile, and impactful

Create a better recruitment experience for job seekers and employers with smart tools that make it simple to connect 1:1, and build professional relationships.

1:1 Interviews in Rooms

Recruiters and jobseekers can speak face-to-face via Video chat at private tables. Candidates can share their job applications, links to LinkedIn profiles and digital business cards directly with recruiters.

1:1 Interviews in Rooms || Career

Connect Function for Easy Follow-Ups

When interviews go well, candidates and recruiters can use our tool to easily exchange contact details to schedule follow-ups later for further conversations or a second round of interviews.

Connect Function for Easy Follow-Ups || Career

Pre-Book Meetings with Personal Schedules

Jobseekers can request 1:1 meetings with recruiters in companies they wish to join.

Pre-Book Meetings with Personal Schedules || Career

Breakout Rooms

Keep conversations lively and engaging by enabling candidates to connect with recruiters and each other in Rooms based on discussion topics of interest.

Breakout Rooms || Career

A boring booth experience simply will not do.

You can completely customise your virtual booths with content-rich media that makes it difficult for jobseekers to stay away.

Booth Self-Serve Interface

Use our plug-and-play widgets to set up interactive hotspots that showcase marketing content to booth visitors.

Booth Self-Serve Interface || Career

Company Videos

Play corporate videos to candidates, introducing the company, and highlighting culture, stories of career development, or take them on an office tour.

Company Videos || Career

Live Video Chat

Jobseekers can talk to you face-to-face at a booth, and have all their questions related to the company answered. As a recruiter, you can connect with multiple candidates at their booth at time.

Live Video Chat || Career

Easy to Exchange and Download Info

Company representatives can share downloadable brochures, catalogues or digital business cards with candidates, as well as web-page and social media links.

Easy to Exchange and Download Info || Career

Drive better lead generation for your exhibitors

You and your exhibitors can collect real-time digital data from attendees regarding their needs, expectations, and intent, and drive recruitment for their companies.

Capture the Micro-Moments

Get useful data on key interactions and micro-moments of attendee experiences throughout your event.

Capture the Micro-Moments || Career

Real-Time Data on Leads

Exhibitors can track, measure and analyze attendee traffic, engagement, and buyer intent at their booth, in real-time.

Real-Time Data on Leads || Career

Advanced Event Analytics

Our analytics take the guesswork out of ROI by tracking the metrics and KPIs you need to translate insight into data-driven decisions.

Advanced Event Analytics || Career

Easy to use. Easier to work with.

We know the details, processes and communications critical to run a successful virtual event. So we’re here to support you throughout, right from setting up the event to when the last participant leaves, so that you can sleep peacefully at night.

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We'll be by your side throughout the event, whether it's onboarding support from our event experts, a knowledge base to guide you and priority support to help you throughout.