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All-in-one. Easy to set up. Highly customizable. Zuddl helps you create any type of large-scale event for clients in just 120 minutes.
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Client Servicing Director at The Experiential Hub
“Zuddl allowed us to create experiences suited for different client requirements.The platform is very user friendly and the customisations allowed us to tailor make events.”
Client Servicing Director at The Experiential Hub

We are your Swiss Army knife for virtual event production.

Quick Templates

100+ templates and plug-and-play widgets to set up your event exactly as you wish means there’s no learning curve. You can create your event in the time it would take you to order a pizza.

Quick Templates || Agency

100% Self-Serve Event Management Platform

Zuddl is completely self-serve. User friendly widgets give you complete control over the look or functionality of any part of the venue at all times.

Self-Serve Event Management Platform || Agency

Completely White-Label Your Venue

Branding is about more than just your brand colours and logo. Customize your client’s entire digital venue to reflect the look, personality, and attitude of your client’s business - no technical knowledge required.

Completely White-Label Your Venue || Agency

Multiple Stage Layouts

Choose from a library of layouts to give your attendees a venue they’ll be talking about for weeks.

Multiple Stage Layouts || Agency

Transform your event management business

Our highly configurable platform helps you make more $$$ without compromising on the event experience!

Customizable Creatives

Customize your events completely - just the way your clients want it, unlike other platforms that restrict you from truly owning the platform.

Customizable Creatives || Agency

Interactive Expo Booths

Booths give clients maximum visibility by enabling them to watch product video demos, directly download marketing collateral, and connect with booth staff via video chat.

Interactive Expo Booths || Agency

Gather Intel via Polls

Live polling is an easy way to identify attendees' interest and pain points that map the value proposition of your client’s product or service.

Gather Intel via Polls || Agency

Ticket Tiers

Enable ticket-based zone access for attendees to facilitate different experiences and monetize based on different audiences.

Ticket Tiers || Agency

Live User Analytics

Get real-time data on key interactions and micro-moments of attendee experiences throughout your event.

Live User Analytics || Agency

Build an interactive experience where communities thrive

Virtual events bond people around collective moments, and unite people around a cause, a brand, or a new product. Our tools help build authentic business relationships that lead to real results.

AI-Powered Matchmaking

Automatic networking lets your attendees book 1:1 video-chat meetings with top matches, and build their network.

AI-Powered Matchmaking || Agency

Breakout Rooms

Keep conversations lively and engaging by enabling candidates to connect with recruiters and each other in Rooms based on discussion topics of interest.

Breakout Rooms || Career

Two-Way Conversations

Encourage attendees to talk to speakers on stage and each other with tools like polls, competitions, and more.

Two-Way Conversations || Agency

Interactive Q&A

It’s easy for voices to get drowned out in a physical crowd. But in your virtual event, every attendee can join in the conversation, and feel included.

Interactive Q&A || Agencies

Easy to use. Easier to work with.

We know the details, processes and communications critical to run a successful virtual event. So we’re here to support you throughout, right from setting up the event to when the last participant leaves, so that you can sleep peacefully at night.

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We'll be by your side throughout the event, whether it's onboarding support from our event experts, a knowledge base to guide you and priority support to help you throughout.