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Figuring out ways to provide a seamless experience to your attendees? Try Zuddl, an events platform that enables you to host with unique and unforgettable virtual experiences.

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We were looking for a platform that we could customise to suit different event formats for our clients. Zuddl allowed us to create experiences suited for different client requirements. The ease of usage & the number of features, all put together is a great experience.

Natasha Mehta
Client Servicing Director

Customize Limitlessly with Zuddl

Choose from 100+ pre-built templates or upload custom layouts for the lobby, stage, booths and other zones to create immersive venues at your virtual events within minutes. With downloadable assets, media widgets, and real time booth analytics, Zuddl’s expo booths are a league ahead of landing pages that act as booths.

Host Your Events with the New-Age AI-Powered Networking

Unlike the traditional video calls, Zuddl provides you with the most engaging interface venues for your events, and 1:1 meets, all around the year. With Smart Networking, you can ensure that your attendees are matched with individuals who share common interests just like them, and even exchange their virtual business cards.

Backstage Studio For Panic Free Events

Zuddl’s Studio studio helps the organizers to manage the stage, provide smooth transitions to speakers, and integrate third-party media feeds with the main event on the go ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for the organizers and attendees alike.

FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zuddl?

Zuddl is a robust virtual and hybrid platform that lets you build 100 % custom-branded engaging events within minutes.

How is a webinar different from a virtual event?

Webinars are short seminars usually meant for one or more presenters to discuss a topic for a set amount of time. These usually miss out on various important factors like networking, Q&A sessions, and keeping your audience engaged. On the other hand, a virtual event offers networking opportunities, meeting new people, generating better returns, etc.

What kinds of events is Zuddl suitable for?

Zuddl is perfectly suitable for organizing internal, external and association events like Trade Shows, Conferences, Webinars, Career Fairs, Employee Engagement & others.

Does Zuddl offer customer support?

Our dedicated team of event specialists will assist you throughout your event lifecycle. Additional support for pre event planning, live events and post event handholding is available to ensure your events run flawlessly.

What different integrations can Zuddl accommodate?

Zuddl’s APIs let you seamlessly integrate any tech product, or any third-party event management tool for your event. Some of these integrations are: Cvent, Eventbrite, Marketo, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, amongst others.