Build an unforgettable <h1-purple>brand experience<h1-purple>

Our custom layouts and interactive widgets let you create a stunning and seamless brand experience across your virtual venue in minutes.

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Branding with Zuddl

Any virtual event platform will let you upload your logo and brand colors. That’s basic.

But only with Zuddl you can create immersive experiences for attendees that showcase your brand’s ethos more powerfully than any other platform. From landing pages to backstage, create real-time moments of surprise and delight that leave a lasting positive impression.

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Drive home your brand aesthetics, values, and personality by controlling the entire look and functionality of every part of the event.

Embed any content from any website or app using iFrames

Create a welcoming branded event lobby with just a few clicks

Enable sponsors + partners to completely brand their Expo Booths

Widgets - Zuddl



Choose from 100+ ready-to-use and easily customizable templates to create beautiful branded areas within the virtual venue.

Ramp up the excitement with a custom Welcome Video

Create unique, visually striking layouts for all stages and virtual exhibition booths

Virtual Venue with Zuddl

<h3-purple>Landing pages<h3-purple>

Landing pages

Make a great first impression by tailoring our ready-to-use landing page templates.

Make landing and event registration pages your own by customizing pre-developed frameworks

Drive brand recognition and consistency across events of all types

Make the landing page an extension of your website or other digital properties

Enable frictionless attendee registration for virtual events with multiple login methods

Event registeration with Zuddl



Amplify your brand both behind-the-scenes and in front of the Stage audience.

Include branding directly on Stage with stage layouts and backgrounds

Use Broadcast Studio to push overlays and play branded content during transitions between sessions

Virtual Stage Layout - Zuddl
Here’s why enterprises trust Zuddl
Rosen College of Hospitality Management Logo

The Zuddl team was extremely helpful to work with. They provided solutions to opportunities we didn’t even know existed. The platform is so user friendly and customizable that we were able to engage an entire audience of registrants that we only dreamed about having last year.

Susan Boucher, Alumni Assistant Director, UCF's Rosen College of Hospitality Management
Susan Boucher
Alumni Assistant Director, UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management
Microsoft Trusted on Zuddl

Real time engagement and a seamless experience at a virtual event is something that bothers the digital first world. Zuddl fit in right here. The networking and the backstage experience were fantastic!

Harsha Ravikumar, Product Manager and Lead, Microsoft
Harsha Ravikumar
Product Manager and Lead, Microsoft
NASSCOM Trusted on Zuddl

Zuddl provided us with a close-to-real experience of being inside a convention center and customizable branding options for us to run the Product Conclave event successfully across 30+ stages.

Dr. Sunil K Shekhawat, Lead, Product Vertical, NASSCOM
Dr. Sunil K Shekhawat
Lead, Product Vertical, NASSCOM
Grant Thornton Trusted on Zuddl

Zuddl offered an absolutely brilliant experience. The backstage and easy stage operations made sure we experienced a holistic virtual event. They are the best you can get in this virtual space

Grant Thornton Trusted on Zuddl
Meghna Ramchandani
Manager, Grant Thornton India LLP

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