24 Hours of UX
Virtual Conference

24 Hours of UX - The Futures of UX

May 3, 2023
10:30 AM (GMT+5:30)

24 Hours of UX is the world's largest UX community-led conference. The event aims to drive inter-regional exchange about UX, design, and business topics, and features speakers and organizations from 6 continents and dozens of countries, including New Zealand, (Southeast & Continental) Asia, Middle East, Africa, multiple regions of Europe, North America and Latin America.Attendees had access to a wide and diverse variety of viewpoints and inputs across topical challenges and goals in the industry, and some intriguing sessions, such as 'The Power of Challenging our Beliefs: Lessons from UX Research for Senior Citizens', 'Supporting Women in UX to Become Leaders in a Post-“Lean in” Era', and 'Looking into Your Crystal Ball: A Primer on Strategic Foresight for Design Leaders'