Proving Customer Success as a Profit Centre

April 20, 2023

In the corporate world, power typically follows money. If you are not perceived as being linked to strategically significant profitability streams, then during difficult economic times, your job and team could be at risk. This webinar by RevSetter helps attendees learn actionable tactics to clarify their group's connection to increasing the company's global profitability.At this session, attendees received access to templates and techniques for:- Making the business case for Customer Success activities in a data-driven way to move the needle- Driving earlier upsells and cross-sells- Identifying and defining churn factors and their measurable value to various stakeholders.The webinar featured insights and advice from leaders in the industry such  as Mikael Blaisdell, Executive Director of the worldwide Customer Success Association, Ed Powers, principal of Service Excellence Partners, Frank McCracken, CEO of Wigmore IT, and Amy Mustoe, VP of Customer Success at Cledara.