Containerization 102: Security, Optimization and Speed

March 30, 2023
10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET

This webinar by Cloudsmith is the second in their series on containerization, and which dives a bit deeper to cover important factors that ensure container optimization and speed. Specifically, the discussion focused on security concerns through the lens of the platform and network because the options can be vast and unclear.Led by Robert Sirchia who is the Head of Community Evangelism at SUSE, Marino Wijay who an Ambassador at EddieHub and Platform Advocate at, and moderated by Sean O'Dell the Head of Developer Relations at Cloudsmith, the conversation covered:- What are the security ramifications of containers?- How have platforms enabled the rise of containers and microservices?- What challenges have been introduced by containers and platforms?- What are some of the enhancements to networking, and why this improves the speed of delivery

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