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How Adobe used Zuddl to wow their new campus hires by creating a highly engaging virtual University Graduate Summit

For most graduates..

walking into your first job right after college is many things at once - exciting, stressful, stimulating and and a little scary all at once. To ensure their new campus hires felt positive, welcome and supported and excited, Adobe decided to hold a first-of-its-kind virtual University Graduate Summit.

TRANSCEND University Graduate Summit 2020

Envisioned as a virtual immersive experience, the team required a platform that could not only host hundreds of attendees across a two-day event, but help them create a uniquely Adobe experience, in which new recruits could connect with speakers and colleagues, and feel welcomed into a community that dreams up groundbreaking ideas and make them real.‍

With Zuddl, Adobe found all the tools and features they needed to host an event that matched up to the high energy, engagement and expectations of previous offline events.

From leadership stories by Everest summiteers to innovation-driven experiences with professionals from Singapore and New York, plenty of networking opportunities, and even a Fireside chat with the Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand, the Adobe team was able to make every moment of TRANSCEND University Graduate Summit 2020, a unique and unforgettable experience.

Here’s how the Adobe team went about using Zuddl to build a sense of community, and build-up enthusiasm and excitement for the new joinees.

1. Creating an immersive experience allowing for an in-office impression

A company’s culture manifests right from recruitment. Team Adobe was able to brand and customize the look and feel of the virtual Summit to wow their new recruits, and make them feel part of a brand that is always innovating.

2. Enabling new recruits to talk and network with colleagues

As the new hires did not get a chance to be introduced in person that year, Adobe used Zuddl’s AI-powered matchmaking feature to help connect them with new colleagues. The team also used Zuddl’s Rooms to enable attendees to have group discussions with colleagues. Attendees can watch sessions together in Rooms, and together, discuss what’s happening on stage via group chats.

3. Nurturing a better understanding of life at Adobe

The company used Zuddl to set up an Expo section in the venue, and within it, set up Expo Booths about life at Adobe, which is driven by community, curiosity and fun. So, naturally, there was an Expo booth dedicated to ‘Patenting at Adobe’ as well as a ‘Selfie at Adobe’ booth!

4. Host multiple speakers on sessions running in parallel

The Summit was packed with industry leaders and innovative thinkers! Team Adobe was able to host multiple sessions over the two days, with sessions running in parallel, to cater to a range of attendee interests. This way, new recruits could easily switch between sessions about ‘Being a Leader’ to ones about ‘Being Creative’ with ease - definitely something that wouldn't be possible at an in-person event!

5. Making sessions interactive, engaging and emoji-driven!

Using Zuddl tools such as Q/A, Polls, Emoji Reactions, Raise Hands (that lets an attendee join a speaker on the Stage), and more, the team was better able to make every session engaging for attendees, and give each new joinee a more active and vocal role in the event.

Over the 2 day virtual event, Team Adobe was able to stay true to the spirit of the Summit. With Zuddl, they were able to transcend any pre-determined limits, and create a welcoming, warm, and innovative experience to celebrate their graduates in a way only Adobe uniquely could.

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"Despite the many platform options available to us, it was Zuddl’s convincing and appropriate features that made it the preferred platform for us.”
Ajit Kumar
Talent Partner, Adobe
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