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15x reach: How Razorpay used Zuddl to increase their reach exponentially by going virtual with FTX 2020

It’s easy to see why Razorpay’s FTX has become the premier event of the year for anyone at the helm of the financial advice industry.

In November 2019, the second edition of the conference brought together heavyweights in the industry to discuss challenges and opportunities for the fintech sector. Panels and roundtable discussions were chaired by high profile names such as Abhijit Bose, India Head of WhatsApp, and Sajith Sivanandan, MD and Business Head of Google Pay India, amongst others. As a consequence, the event attracted over seven hundred people.

As good a show as FTX 2019 was, Razorpay was determined to make FTX 2020 even bigger and better. <span>So they decided to take the event online.<span>

After Razorpay decided to turn their event virtual, the first step was to identify the right platform for the job. One that would enable the event organisers to replicate their in-person event virtually, but also better it.

After finding other solutions ill-equipped to handle their requirements, the team found the exact features, tools, and support they needed in Zuddl to create a platform for fintech unlike anything that has ever been done before. 

The results?

<span>FTX returned in 2020 as a reimagined, reinvented and rebuilt virtual event that was more immersive, more interactive and more alive with opportunities.<span>

Incredible boost in event scale

By virtue of being virtual, the event pulled in the broadest speaker lineup of any fintech conference - global stars like Mark Troughton (Chime), David Vélez (Nubank), Surojit Chatterjee (Coinbase); fintech founders Kunal Shah(CRED), Nithin Kamath (Zerodha), Amrish and Lizzie Chapman (ZestMoney) amongst others, and major players in the ecosystem such as Nikhil Arora (GoDaddy), Pradyot Ghate (Zomato), Gunjan Pradhan (Netflix), and Shweta Rajpal Kohli (Sequoia India).

With an all-star lineup like this, it’s no surprise that <span>the number of attendees went from 700 to 17000+.<span>

Managing 50+ speakers over 2 days? No sweat 

If you have ever held an in-person event before, you know how quickly you can descend into a logistical nightmare if you slip up with speaker management. Keeping everyone relaxed and ready for their presentations, and making sure everything goes off without a hitch is challenging. <span>With Zuddl’s backstage feature, team Razorpay was able to make sure their speakers were relaxed and ready before they went on stage, easily manage speaker rotation and keep the schedule running on track as well.<span>

The backstage cannot be seen by the audience, so FTX speakers could comfortably prepare before they went on stage, they could have conversations with other speakers backstage. <span>And, unlike other platforms, from Zuddl’s backstage, speakers could even watch live sessions as they occurred, and enjoy the event like everyone else.<span>

Better learning through 2-way conversations 

An important aspect of being a virtual organiser is to make sure your attendees feel heard and seen. With Zuddl’s engagement tools - virtual Chat, and the Q&A and Polls - attendees at FTX 2020 were able to turn each session into a lively, conversational hub of dialogue. 

Over the two days, 14 Polls were held and 60+ interesting questions asked, ranging from "How do you see CRED changing the Fintech space in the next 5 years?" to "How is it that PhonePe and AmazonPay are planning on replacing cash with digital means? How long would it take, especially in India?”

<span>Having great speakers interact with enthusiastic attendees makes sessions more exciting, interesting and valuable for everyone.<span>

Furthermore, team Razorpay set up Rooms/Tables to let attendees mingle, meet and make valuable professional contacts. Interest-based Rooms/Tables are a great way to connect attendees with similar mindsets and goals. <span>At FTX 2020, over 3800 attendees spent an incredible average of 30 minutes interacting with each other.<span>

In-depth control over branding the entire user experience

With any event, the attendee experience is paramount. <span>The more you create an experience that is unique and unforgettable, the more engaged and invested will your attendees be. <span>This was key for the Razorpay team. 

Since this was their first all-virtual event, it was important to have full control over minute details that could make the attendee experience stress-free. Therefore, even small details like the easy login access to the event, or the simple platform interface that made navigating the virtual venue a breeze, elevated the FTX experience for attendees.

<span>Furthermore, team Razorpay was able to customise every area of the venue to showcase their branding and wow the crowd.<span>

The lobby at FTX 2020

Additionally, a vibrant expo area showcased several Razorpay products like Razorpay Payments Apps Suite, Razorpay Payment Gateway, Razorpayx Payroll, Razorpay Capital and more. Expo booths were set up and run by booth owners during the event. 

<span>At each Expo booth, attendees could learn more about the product, and interact directly with the booth staff to ask questions. The booth staff, in turn, could use Polls to gain better insight about their audience’s pain points and product requirements.<span>

One of Razorpay's Expo Booths at FTX 2020

When making the transition to virtual events, Razorpay ensured they met the challenge head on. With the tools and features afforded by Zuddl, team Razorpay ensured they met the challenge head-on, completely outclassed their previous editions and set the bar for creative and exciting virtual fintech conferences.

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