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An exciting story of how Zuddl and ETP hosted SHIFT 2021, a one-of-a-kind hybrid event about all things hybrid

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The pandemic pushed businesses to run all their events and communication virtually. Through this phase, the advantages of the virtual element was realized, and planners were ready to move ahead with virtual and hybrid events.

This would however require knowledge and expert know-how. Towards this end, Zuddl and Entertainment Technology Partners (ETP) hosted SHIFT 2021 to address the knowledge gap.

From this case study, you’ll learn how to:

Create captivating content for higher attendance and engagement

Boost real-time attendee participation

Connect in-person and virtual attendees in an event

Entertainment Technology Partners (ETP) is the parent company to a global collection of independent brands in the events and entertainment industry including Event EQ, Pixl, and LMG

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